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KTH - Your future workplace

Would you like to be part of the transformation to a sustainable society at one of Europe's leading technical universities? At KTH, you'll be working in an international environment, collaborating with engaged and motivated colleagues, all while given the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Employees at KTH

Where individuals and innovations growth

You will be a part of activities that have a long tradition of leading research which brings benefits to society and education at the highest level. On the following pages you can get a glimpse of what it is like to work here.

As an employee you are offered a wide range of benefits as well as staff training and development. You can also be connected to KTH through different scholarships.

Vacancies at KTH

Scholarships for Ph.D students/postdocs to longer projects and other announcements

Key centre of intellectual talent and innovation

At KTH we have a clear mission: to carry out research, to educate and to communicate knowledge.

Our education and research cover a wide range - from the natural sciences and all branches of engineering, as well as in architecture, industrial management, urban planning, history and philosophy. We have a long tradition of being at the cutting edge of technology, and we are the country's largest provider of technical programmes at the higher education level. We currently represent one-third of Sweden's capacity of technology research. Our ambition is to find smart, sustainable solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

As a university we are a public authority. This means that we must carry out the activities and apply the laws that the government and parliament have decided in an accessible, legally correct and efficient manner.

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