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Employee at KTH

As an employee at KTH you will be in daily contact with colleagues with different backgrounds and high ambitions. You will have good opportunities for development in your professional role through such enriching collaboration. KTH gives its employees the responsibility of independently pursuing their work.

Our collaborations - between different research disciplines, organisations/companies and countries - help us to grow, both professionally and individually. Professionally because we have access to new knowledge and individually because we are enriched through meeting people with different perspectives. This allows us to see the challenges in the organisation from different perspectives and then we can see more alternative solutions in our activities.

There is a qualitative value in being able to take advantage of people's different experiences and perspectives. This is particularly important in an organisation whose main purpose is to develop and maintain technology that benefits society and nature.

Cooperation with partners outside of KTH

KTH has a very fruitful and close cooperation with other research institutes as well as many Swedish companies, authorities, municipalities and county councils. Since our activities are dependent on stimuli from the world at large, we are keen to know what others are doing and how they can contribute. The Science for Life Laboratory  and AlbaNova  are examples of how we currently collaborate across the borders of knowledge, both within KTH and with other educational institutions - nationally and internationally. Cooperation with business and society is an important and high priority area for us. For this reason, we work with a proven model for different types of partnerships and staff exchanges.

When you work at KTH, you are also given clear responsibility, both in the role you have and as a representative of KTH.

Please watch the interview with Annica Fröberg, Director of Personnel, who explains our views on employeeship and leadership here at KTH.

What is special about the culture here is the high level of ambition of all our employees - and the creative environment."