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Working and developing as a doctoral student

As a doctoral student at KTH, you have time for reflection and interesting discussions with knowledgeable colleagues. Your development takes place naturally through your progression in research projects and with the help of courses that are available for KTH doctoral students.

As a doctoral student at KTH, you are part of a larger context. You often work in supervisors' research groups, where your research project is an important piece in the puzzle. Your supervisors are key people for you, as they will guide you in your research and your development towards being an independent researcher.

To succeed as a doctoral student you need to be goal-oriented, have your own driving force and be willing to take responsibility for your own development. To be successful in your research you need curiosity and determination.

During your time as a doctoral student, you will create many networks with colleagues at other universities, the industry and other organisations. These networks will be a stepping-stone after your doctoral studies.

Doctoral studies at KTH

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Meet Ph.D. student Emma

Emma Tegling has a Master of Science degree from KTH and got the opportunity to travel to the US for an undergraduate research fellowship one summer.

– I got hooked on doing research. Just imagine to work with solving the problems you are most interested in! Emma says.

Emma works at a large department, which often hosts international visitors. Her colleagues are from all around the world.

– To travel abroad and participate in conferences and research collaborations, is a fun part of my job. At KTH, it is obvious that research knows no borders.

A photo of smiling woman in front of a blue and animated background.
Ph.D. student Emma Tegling.

Emma’s research and future

In her own research, she studies how sustainable energy sources change properties of the electric grid, in order to find methods to keep the electricity network stable, with small losses of energy.

– With growing world population and wealth, we need to rethink how we produce and use energy,” relates Emma.

In the future, she will continue with her research, perhaps by pursuing an international academic career, or as a project manager for research and development in the industry.