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Working and developing as Researchers and Research Engineers

With all the challenging tasks in research, you will gain natural development through progression in your research projects and collaboration.

To enjoy your role as a Researcher or Research Engineer you should be goal-oriented and independent, at the same time as being humble and responsive. These personal characteristics are a prerequisite for being successful in your work. You will gain natural development through the research you carry out. There is also an opportunity for you to attend teaching courses, as well as applying for docent or teaching positions.

Meet Holger, research engineer

"Through my research in Protein Engineering I want to find solutions to help ill people get the right treatment more rapidly."

- I lead a research group in which we are trying to identify all the proteins in a human - and I must say that the ambition level of those working here is fantastic. Combine this with a great amount of freedom under responsibility and you have an environment with space for personal development and good fellowship at the workplace.