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Working and developing in Technology, Administration and Service

As an employee in Technology, Administration and Service you will have stimulating and varied duties in an environment characterised by flexibility, openness and satisfaction.

You will be in an international workplace with many opportunities for internal mobility. For example, you can broaden your area by participating in one of the many projects that are carried out between the administration, schools, institutions and departments. Another example of broadening your work is to change your workplace/role internally, since your position may vary between different schools, institutions and departments.

Another opportunity for development is specialisation, where you work in depth in a specific area. If you want to develop as a leader, you have the opportunity of taking part in our leadership programme.

In order to enjoy working as an employee in Technology, Administration and Service, you should be flexible, helpful and thorough, and strive to continually increase efficiency and improve your area of work.

Meet Yisak and Marit who work in Technology, Administration and Service 

"As an IT technician it is my job to help students and employees with all their technical equipment - which is more than just computers. The major challenge in my work is that the solutions to the problems I encounter are not always easy or straightforward, so I have to use my creativity and experience to solve problems to make students' and employees' lives easier. "I want our IT to work flawlessly for employees and students, so that we can continue being a university at the cutting edge."

"I really want to talk about all the fantastic things that happen here at KTH, to increase understanding and pride in what we are doing."-

- The best thing about working at KTH is the atmosphere of constant development - and that is incredibly inspiring. In my role you must be flexible, think in new ways and keep an open mind - among other things. I work with many different clients - I communicate with students and staff as well as researchers and those in industry.