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The search tool Primo gathers information from multiple sources to a comprehensive collection of scientific and academic materials: the print collection, e-books, e-journals, articles, etc. You can also get hits on material that the library does not have access to. Such materials can in many cases be requested.

Presentation of the greenhouse model

On Wednesday 31st of May, students from the KTH School of Architecture will present their model of a greenhouse, The Seed, that will be built on KTH campus.


FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot prolonged

FP7 Post-Grant Open Access Pilot will be prolonged to February 28th 2018. This means that researchers can apply for funding for OA publishing for another 10 months.


Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2010

New fulltext newspaper database at KTH

Financial Times Historical Archive is a completely searchable facsimile run of one of the world's most authoritative daily business newspapers. Every article and advertisement ever printed in the paper can be searched and browsed individually and page by page. This is an essential research tool for anyone studying public affairs, and economic and financial history of the last 120 years.

Gale Primary Sources from within the FT database gives additional analytical options with textual analysis tools and downloadable OCR text.

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