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Book a consultation

KTH Library offers individual consultations for students, doctoral students, researchers, teachers and other staff.

Two women sits in front of a computer. The older women is tutoring the younger woman in her studies.

Book a consultation

Welcome to book consultation with library staff with different expertises. You can get help with

  • information retrieval in subject and patent databases
  • reference management in different reference management software
  • publishing issues and open access

The appointment takes about an hour.

Book a consultation at KTH Library

Introduction to talking books

For students

Book an introduction at KTH Library to gain access to talking books. You choose the time and place that works for you in the booking schedule. We offer introductions at the Main Library, Kista, Södertälje and Flemingsberg.

The introduction takes about 30–40 minutes.

Book an introduction to talking books at KTH Library

Consultations in academic writing and rhetoric

For students

Do you need guidance in academic writing or constructive advice about an oral presentation? Welcome to the Center for Writing and Rhetoric, for individual guidance.

Book a consultation in academic writing and rhetoric