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Literature search service

As a researcher at KTH, you can use the literature search service offered by the library. The search group at the library will perform the searches for you, free of charge. Maybe you are planning to write a systematic review, a scoping review, or any other form of review article or need a qualified literature search for other reasons.

Andrea Eriksson and Artur Podobas

"I could not have done it myself"

Meet two researchers, Andrea Eriksson and Artur Podobas, who have used the library's service to request qualified literature searches.

Read more about their experiences

A well-conducted literature search raises the quality of your review article and reduces the risk of missing relevant articles. Through better knowledge of previous research and identification of the knowledge gaps, the quality of the research increases and the resources can be used in the best way.

If you are a doctoral student, we refer to booked consultations  where we will support you in performing literature searches yourself. Literature searching skills are among the learning outcomes in the doctoral programme.

We do not have the possibility to accept external requests.


At an initial meeting, we agree on a search strategy, discuss search terms, and choose which databases we should search in. We at the library then perform searches and deliver the search results in the form of references in the desired format together with documentation of the search.

The delivery time depends on the extent of the literature search as well as our general workload, but we will normally need at least two weeks from the initial meeting to delivery.

We may need to say no to very extensive requests. In such cases, we will discuss this at the initial meeting.

If you want to request a literature search, please fill in the form below. If you have questions about the service, contact