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The library's teaching

Are you a teacher and want to book a teaching activity in finding, evaluating, collecting and using scholarly information? The library offers teaching on different levels in the programs. Or are you a PhD student and need support? We provide workshops and tutorials in information retrieval, references management, and publishing.

Teacher and five students in front of their laptops.

Main areas in which we provide support

Evaluate sources

• credibility and relevance
• scientific peer review

Information retrieval

• from research question to searching in relevant information sources
• subject databases
• keywords and search technique


• why use citations?
• different styles
• reference management software

Data management

• data management, data storage, information security

Publishing and open access

• scholarly communication and publishing

• open access
• the publishing process

Copyright and patent

• copyright for different kinds of media (images and licenses)
• search in patent databases

KTH Library supports students and PhD students to develop a reflective approach to how information is produced, distributed, evaluated and used in an ethical way. Our aim is to enable students and PhD students to pass their exams and get a good start for a lifelong learning. Therefore, we provide diferent kinds of lectures from A- to PhD level.

Flexible teaching that suits you and your students

Our experience is that the library lectures will be best if they are aligned to a course and designed in collaboration with a teacher. In order to get the best result, we would like to design the lecture in collaboration with you so it will ft your course and your students. We work actively with e-learning and provide e.g. webinars and distance tutorials. Please book a classroom since the library cannot provide this.

Book KTH Library’s introduction or teaching

PhD students

For PhD students we provide workshops in information retrieval and reference management. PhD students are also welcome to book tutorials in information retrieval, references management, or publishing.

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