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Articles from KTH

Portrait Eva Halén
“Because we don't want to create unnecessary barriers for the students and researchers who approach us, we choose to have low thresholds for the projects we take on. We want to give as many people as possible the chance to try to bring their inventions and ideas to the market,” says Eva Halén, business development coach at KTH Innovation.

From CEO to Business Coach at KTH

After decades as a CEO of large companies, she returned to the university - now in the role of a business coach. Today she helps researchers and students realise their dreams through KTH Innovation. ...

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Portrait of Tanmoy Bari
“At a time when we charge our cars the same way we charge our phones, and private households can produce their own electricity, households can become part of a common energy solution for the whole society. My goal is for all of Europe's electricity consumers to have access to each other's surplus electricity. We should be able to move the supply of electricity between countries," says Tanmoy Bari, co-founder of Greenely and KTH's Alum of the Year 2024.

KTH's Alum of the Year 2024 wants to engage Swedish households in the energy transition

He is the co-creator of a digital platform developed to give private households full control over their energy consumption. The vision is to connect electricity consumers to a virtual power plant for ...

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Portrait Malte Gleim

Hello there alum Malte Gleim...

...who, with funding from KTH and others, was able to realise the Boomerang rocket project. “I want to thank the Opportunities Fund and all donors for their generous support. It has been crucial in ...

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