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Articles from KTH

Portrait Malte Gleim

Hello there alum Malte Gleim...

...who, with funding from KTH and others, was able to realise the Boomerang rocket project. “I want to thank the Opportunities Fund and all donors for their generous support. It has been crucial in ...

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Portrait of Elsa Arksand
Thanks to support from the KTH Opportunities Fund, Elsa Arksand's team was able to participate in the iGEM 2021 competition. For a year, the team in Albanova worked on the Mikroskin project, in collaboration with experts from all over the world. The project was awarded the gold medal of the competition. "We focused on acne in our project. Through Mikroskin, we wanted to shed light on different skin diseases, to break the stigma often associated with them and to find new treatment methods."

Hello there alum Elsa Arksand!

You led the team that won gold in iGEM Stockholm, one of the world's largest student competitions in the field of synthetic biology. How would you describe the societal problem the team tackled?

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Broken pipeline leaking water on ground
“One goal is for municipalities to make better decisions about water networks and reduce resource waste. Thanks to modeling using sensor data, we can more easily see what is happening in the pipes and more quickly locate leaks," says research leader Viktoria Fodor.

Sensor technology finds leaks and tracks contaminants in drinking water

Leaks from pipes in water supply networks cause significant losses of drinking water. Pipe leaks are often difficult to locate, and KTH researchers are developing sensor technology that would make it ...

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