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As a KTH-alum you are part of a global network of 100 000 alumni in more than 100 countries. Join the alumni network and stay connected with KTH and fellow alumni worldwide.

Portrait of KTH-alumnus Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer at Envirotaine

Alum organises secure distribution of millions of doses of Covid vaccine

KTH-alumnus Niklas Adamsson, Chief Operating Officer at cold chain transport company Envirotainer, explains the challenges of distributing a temperature sensitive vaccine to different continents.

Become a mentor to an exchange student

Get involved by mentoring a student via the KTH International Buddy Program. Through sharing your knowledge and experience, in matters great and small, both the student and you will gain new perspectives.

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We’re always looking for ways to share our alumni’s achievements. Tell your story through social media by taking over our Instagram account for one week. Maybe you have an interesting project, exciting trip or you would just like to share your everyday life with other KTH alumni and students around the world. Fill out the form below to share your story!

Get funding for your dream project

Did you know that as a student or young researcher at KTH, you have the opportunity to receive funding for degree projects, student associations, field studies and other student initiatives from KTH Opportunities Fund. Funded by dedicated alumni and friends of KTH, KTH Opportunities Fund offers you the chance to make the most of your time at KTH. Apply for a scholarship before April 25th.