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KTH Alumni Advisory Board

The KTH Alumni Advisory Board assists KTH in an advisory capacity in the following areas:
– Strategic decisions related to alumni relations
– Nominations for the Alum of the Year Award

Mikael Lindström

Deputy President, KTH

Chair, Alumni Advisory Board

Abraham Setiawan


Data Engineer, Solita

Anne Lidgard

Anne Lidgard


Director, Senior Advisor at Vinnova

Birgitta Koskinen

Birgitta Koskinen


Business Development and Interim management consultant at BK & Associates

Charley Jönsson

Charley Jönsson

CLGYM - 15

SW Subproject manager, Saab AB

Cornelia Haag

Cornelia Haag President, The Student Union at KTH 2022/2023


President, The Student Union at KTH 2022/2023

Maja Reichard

Maja Reichard
Photo: Johanna Lundberg, Bildbyrån


Climate Specialist, Swedish Transport Administration

Niklas Carlbaum

Niklas Carlbaum

CFATE - 18

Union President, THS 2023/2024

Maria Noring

Maria Noring
Photo: Anneli Hildonen


Lead Consultant, Ramboll

Neeraj Gupta


Attabotics Inc.

Steering Committee Member, KTH India Alumni Chapter

Per A. Jonsson


VD, Objectivity

Steering Committee Member, KTH UK Alumni Chapter

Vide Richter


Head of Strategic Engagement & Partnerships at UN Global Compact Network Sweden

For questions, please contact or +46(0)8-790 60 00