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How the registration works

It’s easy to register at KTH Alumni Page. Choose whether you want to log in via LinkedIn or via your email address. If you type in your email address you will receive a confirmation to your email inbox when the system has approved your application, click on the link in the e-mail, log in and complete your profile.

You can choose how and what you want from the relationship with us, such as receiving newsletters from KTH Alumni or receiving invitations.

If you choose to log in with your LinkedIn account, your LinkedIn profile will be connected to the system and your work experience will automatically be scanned in. If you have not chosen to connect your profile to LinkedIn you may enter this information manually.

Did you sign up in KTH Alumni Community?

We upgraded from KTH Alumni Community to KTH Alumni Page, so if you were registered in our previous alumni portal (which is now closed) you also need to register once again.

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Last changed: Oct 08, 2019