Volunteering at KTH

Alumni volunteers who give their time and experience are critical to the continuing success of KTH. Getting involved is not only the chance for you to give something back to your alma mater. It is also a way for you to reconnect with KTH, benefit your organisation, further your professional development and create valuable networking opportunities.

Remember that whether you can spare a few hours, a single day or make a more regular commitment you can really make a difference. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved – from mentoring current students to setting up an alumni association.

To register your interest in volunteering, please send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you. alumni@kth.se

Alumni groups and chapters

Alumni groups provide valuable resources and experiences for alumni. They offer a chance to develop a career path, to build relationships, networks and opportunities and to have a good time. The groups are based on either a common interest, educational subject background or geographical location and are managed by alumni volunteers supported by the KTH Alumni office.

The success of our international associations and chapters relies on the dedication of alumni volunteers to organise events, handle membership and stay in touch with the university. If there are not enough alumni living in your area to sustain a new chapter you could become a Key Contact for your region.

Mentor programme

Get involved by mentoring a student via .

Guest lecturing

If you have valuable advice to offer students on your area of expertise, your profession or the business you started, you could return to KTH to give a guest lecture in your old department or School.

Make an announcement in the Degree Project Portal

'Exjobbsportalen' is a platform for you to advertise internship, seasonal and degree project work directed towards current students at KTH. Posting announcements is free of charge and an effective way to reach large numbers of students.

KTH Degree Project Portal

Organise a reunion

Whether it’s been five or fifty years since you studied here, getting your old class together for a reunion is a memorable experience. KTH Alumni office can help you with practical details.

KTH Alumni Advisory Board

The KTH Alumni Advisory Board  at KTH plays an advisory role regarding alumni activities, new international groups and makes decisions regarding applications to KTH Opportunities Fund. Members of the Board are ambassadors for the university should have extensive business or professional experience.

Remember there are lots of ways you can get involved and support KTH!

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