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Mentor a student

Your skills and experiences from professional and everyday life are important and valuable for today's students.

Mentor program KTH

The Alumni Mentor Program aims to inspire students for their future careers and working life. By talking and listening to the alums' experiences, the students are preparing for their future careers.

Your mentee will be a student wishing to develop their professional achievements. The student may have a different educational background than you, but we strive to match your study background and interests. You will be invited to participate in a digital start and final meeting. You and your mentee decide the set-up for your individual meetings. We recommend that you meet at least four times during the school year. You are not expected to offer the student work or internship.

  • The application to become a mentor opens in August.
  • The matching of mentor and mentee takes place in October.
  • The introductory meeting for the mentoring program is in October.
  • The mentoring program starts in November.
  • Mentors and mentees meet individually until the summer.
  • KTH Alumni organise a joint meeting for everyone in December.
  • KTH Alumni organise a joint closing meeting in May.

If you are a student and want to know more about the mentor program click here
For questions about the mentor program, contact KTH Alumni