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Get an insight into life after graduation

The aim of the KTH Alumni Mentor Program is to give you as a student inspiration for your future career and work life.

By sharing knowledge and experience, large and small, you and your mentor will gain new knowledge and perspectives. The mentoring program aims to provide personal and professional support and development for both mentor and mentee.

What does it mean to be a mentee?

We can not guarantee that your mentor will have the same educational background as you. Mentoring is about asking questions, listening, reflecting and discovering new perspectives.

As a mentee in the Program, you are expected to meet with your mentor at least four times. You and your mentor decide how and when. In addition, you are asked to participate in a meeting with all mentees at the start of the program, as well as a digital start- and final meeting with all participants.

You can no longer register for the 2022/23 KTH Alumni Mentor Program: