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After studies at KTH

It is possible to study for several years without knowing a lot about what you will actually work with in the future. It is often about beginning to do your own research about the profession and what companies might suit you. Here are some suggestions on how you can get started.

How do I find out more about the professional role of an engineer?

KTH Career Survey 2021

In the spring of 2021, KTH conducted a survey directed to all undergraduate and graduate alumni who had graduated in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The purpose of the survey was to collect information about the alumni work situation today, their career growth and how they view their previous education. A total number of 5825 alumni were included in the survey and the response rate was 42 %. 

The survey shows that an education from KTH provides jobs, relevant work tasks and relatively high salary. The establishment in the labor market is fast and within a year, in principle all alumni got employed. A large percentage of the non-Swedish citizens, have left Sweden and thus operate on different labor markets, and a high proportion of those who remain in Sweden are engaged in PhD studies.

The graduates have received work related to their education. 76% state that they got the job they intended for after graduation. One part of the survey was to investigate how the alumni got in contact with their first employment. The four important ways that stands out was, personal networking, contacting employers, job advertisement and degree project. The industries that are best fit when it comes to describing what the alumni are working with are research and technology and consulting companies. Working life has high demands on most of the abilities the alumni have acquired from their education. According to the survey, some of the important skills that are needed in daily work are ability to work independently, solve problems, cooperate in teams, think critically and written and oral presentations are widely used.

Chart: 97 % got an employment after graduation
Chart: 58 % were offered a job before gradudation, 22 % got a job within 3 months, 9 % within 3-6 m
Chart: 86 % working, 8 % PhD studies, 3 % own business, 2 % unemployment, 1 % other
Chart: 31 % consulting companies, 30 % research and industries, 19 % others
20 % independently solve problems, 20 % work in teams/cooperate with others, 20 % think critica

The survey shows that some of the alumni main work tasks are project leading, construction/design, product development, research, system development, and project work and other. A visible trend is that more people lead others in their work, but mainly as a project manager and not as a manager. The main part of the alumni says that they earn SEK 35,000–44,999 / month. The survey also shows that a clear majority of the alumni had chosen to study at KTH again.