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Job seeking guide

The following pages will help you to write your CV, cover letter and prepare yourself before a job interview. You will also find job-seeking tips, a list with links for finding jobs, and job advertisements directed to KTH's students.

How do I find a job?

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's recruitment survey (2020) shows that companies mainly use informal contacts when they recruit (63%). Technology development and the use of social media and digital platforms continue to increase. More than half of the companies state that they use social media as a recruitment route when recruiting employees. If you also include the answer option "Other internet services", it will be the most used recruitment route. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can also be seen as a combination of and extension of informal contacts, networks and advertising. It is therefore a very good idea to take advantage of the contacts you make during labor market days and in other contexts during your study time.

Larger companies and medium-sized companies also use recruitment and staffing companies to a greater extent. The use of recruitment and staffing companies turns out, like social media, to provide a good match. 69 percent answer that they have been very satisfied or quite satisfied with the recruitment channel recruitment and staffing companies.

One advice is to join the KTH Alumni network on LinkedIn

You can find other good websites to use when searching for a job here: Find jobs

KTH also has a platform for advertisement for different job positions: KTH Degree Project Portal