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Interest based groups

KTH Alumni groups provide valuable resources and experiences for alumni. They offer a chance to develop a career path, to build relationships, networks and opportunities and to have a good time.


KTHX is the biggest alumni association at KTH. They are based in Stockholm and organise a variety of different event of activities such as study visits, seminars and lectures.


The Swedish Society of Mechanical Engineers(“Mekanisterna”) is open for membership for engineers and Mechanical engineering, Energy and Transport technologies and Fuel & Lubricants are key areas of interest.The association's goal is to promote technology development, accelerating the dissemination of knowledge, offering a valuable network, and to promote friendly relations between members.

FFLA - Future Female Leader Award

Exclusive network for previous and current nominees and winners.


Kårspexet is a non-profit organization linked to the THS. Each year they perform a musical farce in Stockholm's finest theaters. In addition to 10-15 performances in Stockholm they also tour the country and have played in Örebro, Gothenburg, Linköping, Falun and Sundsvall. Read more about the group on

SEEK -Alumni

An alumni association for former SEEK board members or been a member of Den Reflekterande Ingenjörens project group.

KTH Studentambassadör Alumni

This is a group for former student ambassadors. Apply for a membership here.

KTH Kista Alumni

Association for alumni who studied at KTH Campus Kista. For membership, please contact

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