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KTH Opportunities Fund - Fundraising campaign 2020

As alumni you can be part of both the present as well as the future and in the light of the current situation in the world, the future offers challenges requiring the very excellence that students of KTH exhibit.

Since 2012 KTH Opportunities Fund has presented alumni with an opportunity to show their support, offering scholarships funded through donations to support student research- and thesis projects, internships and volunteer work.

We would like to take the opportunity to show you the impact your support could have, inspire you to be part of that culture of giving back, and share the effort to motivate students in their aspirations for a better future.

Support the students and young researchers of KTH today! If you have access to and prefer Swish, then you can send your contribution to 123 629 82 51 and marking the transfer with "KTH OF 2020"

Making a difference

Our alumni often mention how KTH changed their lives and why they choose to stay in contact with us. Their engagement and generosity, both local as well as international, benefits our society not only through supporting research and studies, but also by inspiring the students of tomorrow.

Emma Andersson

Functional testing for surgical robot hands

"Promising results and increased use of robotics in surgery, gives reason to expect that surgical robots can increase surgeons' ability to execute surgical procedures. Collaborative robots can be programmed to perform repetitive surgical tasks that require high precision and speed. Thanks to KTH Opportunities Fund we could perform functional testing, which generated a solid proof-of-concept, and greatly improved the impact of my master’s thesis work."

Linus Svenberg

Analysis of grass and soil connected to egg-laying sites of malaria mosqitoes

"Thanks to the support from KTH Opportunities Fund I have, together with Bachelor- and thesis students, had the opportunity to develop and evaluate an extraction method for plants who's precense have shown to be influential on the chosen egg-laying sites of malaria vector Anopheles gambiae."


Susanna Figueiredo De Rezende

Rising Stars - Female doctoral retreat 2019

"KTH Opportunities Fund gave us much more than some financial support. They believed in us, in our project, before anyone else did. Their trust gave us more confidence to pursue our endeavor and it was with their backing that we were able to secure all the funding needed. Thank you for helping us make this workshop for women PhD students a reality!"


Excite Week 2016

Excitera entrepeneurial event

"The contribution we got from KTH Opportunities Fund made it possible for us to, in a series of workshops and inspirational talks, bring together prospective Entrepreneurs on campus. Thanks for helping us in making it happen!"

Lifting the bright young minds of tomorrow

To be part of something important like education creates value in and off itself. KTH encourages a mindset of solving problems and we hold firm that the scholarships of KTH Opportunities Fund can be the very thing that shifts the balance in the students favor. Engaging finacially through the fund gives you the opportunity to support students with bright ideas and the will to make a difference, students who lack the funds to make those ambitions a reality. By supporting KTH Opportunities Fund you become part of the sollution as well as a part of encouraging those bright young minds towards new and exciting goals.

Abraham Setiawan

Monthly donor, alum of TEILM 2014 and current member of KTH Alumni Advisory Board

"I saw that many of the students at KTH have great ideas but have a hard time with finding funding. When I saw that I could offer support with even a small amount of money I decided to become a monthly donor. I'm glad to be able to help them in making their dreams a reality."

Per Wejke

Donor & alum from the School of Technical Engineering 1960

"I would say that my career has benefited greatly from my education at KTH and I am greatful for everything that it has given me. That is why it feels natural to support KTH Opportunities Fund. I have chosen to give my contribution to support research talents since successful research is important for the technical development in society."

Sebastian Nordgrén

Donor, alum of ITM 1990 as well as a former member of KTH Alumni Advisory Board

"I was given an opportunity to give back when KTH's international alumni network was launched nine years ago and KTH Opportunity Fund is a cornerstone of the alumni program, to improve the opportunities, experiences and network for students and researchers during their time with KTH. The value of my voluntary work has likely exceeded my economic contributions to date, but both are rewarding when you witness the amazing results that the KTH Opportunity Fund has made possible."

Gunnar Bark

Donor & alum of Technical Engineering 1960

"During the ALIV days I had a valuable collaboration with CTH, who had lately been moved to KTH. One likes to support one's former university and give something back. It feels good to be able to support studies abroad for promising scientists. My current sponsorship of a post-doc at KTH to develop effectice biomaterials also feels relevant and timely."

How to support

KTH Opportunities Fund is an easy way to show your support and both small and large donations make a real difference. Below you'll find all the information you need to make a donation and a few examples of what your contribution might help achieve.






Entrance fee for an academic conference

Travel costs for a european research visit

Lab- and research expenses for a doctoral candidate

Attending an international volonteer summer program

Funding a team of students to participate in a research competion

Birthday and Memorial Gifts

Celebrating the birthday of an old friend from KTH, or honoring the memory of a loved one by supporting KTH Opportunities Fund, can be a way to truly define the unique connection that alumni share. If this is a form of support that appeals to you, please don't hesitate to contact us  and we will be more than happy to help.

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