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KTH Degree Project Portal

Welcome to KTH’s portal for the mediation and facilitation of degree projects and other student practical placements during the students´academic studies. Here you as a company/organisation have the opportunity to find new skills and as a student you have the opportunity to make valuable contacts in the labour market.

Degree projects at KTH

A degree project is a course consisting of a written thesis/report that the student writes, presents and receives higher education credits for. The work for the degree project takes place over a period of either ten or twenty weeks (15 academic credits or 30 academic credits) and is supervised by KTH in joint collaboration with the company. It can begin both spring and autumn term. The final approval rests with an examiner at KTH.

In addition to practical degree project placements, internships, trainee positions and part-time and seasonal jobs are posted in the KTH Degree Project Portal.

The posting of regular long-term positions is done via the THS Career Center . For more information please contact THS, the Student Union at the Royal Institute of Technology.

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Last changed: Dec 03, 2020