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In the KTH Degree Project Portal you will primarily find degree projects, as well as trainee positions, internships and part-time and seasonal jobs in both the private and public sectors. Choose among a wide range of placements from large industrial companies to SMEs, as well as governmental organisations.

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This is how it works

Find your degree project in the KTH Degree Project Portal and obtain a unique opportunity to make valuable contacts in the labour market. Last year, around 1,000 different companies/organisations posted over 1,300 potential placements in the KTH Degree Project Portal. Of these placements, more than 800 were for practical degree project placements.

If you have any questions regarding the design of the degree project or other procedures, please take a look at the respective programme website or contact your academic supervisor. Keep in mind that contacting your academic supervisor at KTH at an early stage will facilitate ensuring that the practical degree project placement has the correct academic level and scope for you.

Things to think about when preparing for an external written thesis/degree project

If you have questions, contact us!

If you have any questions regarding the KTH Degree Project Portal, e-mail us at . If you see a posting that you think is inappropriate, please let us know by e-mail so we can review and, if necessary, remove it. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Last changed: Feb 18, 2022