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Things to think about when preparing for an external written thesis/degree project.

Checklist for you as a student

The contact person at the company has the responsibility to ensure that you receive access to:

  • the materials needed to write the written thesis/perform the degree project.
  • possible interview time with employees at the company/organisation (if needed for the project).
  • a workspace at the company/organisation (if needed for the project).

Once the academic supervisor has approved the placement, you, together with the company, should clearly define the project to be performed as a part of the placement and answer the following questions in writing:

  • What is to be implemented and how?
  • What is the schedule for the continued work?
  • What do you hope to achieve at the company?
  • What are the company’s expectations of you and what do they hope to achieve with your project?
  • Who will be the contact person for the company/organisation?
  • What are the preconditions for carrying out the placement – how will any costs for materials, travel, printing, mailings, etc., be allocated?
  • Who owns the eventual results?
  • How is sensitive data to be dealt with?
  • How should the final report be presented at the company/organisation?

{Whether or not you are to receive any wages or other financial compensation is a matter between you and the company. This is to be dealt with between the two parties without involvement from the University.