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Research data

Research data is all the data that is collected or created within a research project. Examples of research data is numbers such as measurements and statistics, text such as interview transcripts or survey answers, images such as photographs or maps, different types of video material, or software code.

Data necessary to validate research findings

All data produced within a research project is research data. This data is necessary to validate research results, and should be available to be reviewed and re-used. In some cases, it is also important to make sure that only authorized persons can access data. Funding agencies and journals sometimes have requirements for planning, handling and publishing of research data, and this has recently become more common. Research data management at KTH should be done according to the KTH guidelines on managing research data .

The FAIR principles are basic principles for handling research data. FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable, meaning that research data should be managed so that it is possible to find them, access them, use them together with other data and other software, and re-use them for other research. The FAIR principles are valuable for planning data management even in cases when data cannot be fully compliant.

Read more about The FAIR principles .

A data management plan is a usefull tool for having planneddata management in the early stages of a research project. Read more about Data management plans.

To maximize visibility and usefulness of your research data, you can often make them openly accessible. Read more on Publishing research data

There are a number of legal considerations for research data management. We list some issues that you should consider before starting your project here.

The Research data team

Research data management issues are complex, and require support from different parts of the KTH research support services. The Research data team was created to coordinate research data management issues, create a better infrastructure for research data management at KTH and support researchers establish good data management practices. The Research data team is a collaboration between the KTH Archive, library, IT department, RSO and PDC. Contact us with questions about research data management at .