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Recommendations for working with sensitive data

Scholarly research strives to be transparent and open as a rule, but at times there are ethical, legal or commercial reasons to not share all data openly at all times. For all types of research data, preventing data loss or manipulation is equally important as providing access to data for all authorized users. Data where restricted access is necessary due to risks associated with unauthorized access are said to be confidential data or sensitive data.

The level of confidentiality depends on the severity of consequences if there is a data breach. With higher level of confidentiality, more thorough security measures are necessary to prevent risks of unauthorized access. Contact IT Support  for more advice om information classification.

This is not a complete guide that goes into detail for all types of confidential data and all types of research projects. The guide focus on general good practices at different stages and levels in research while details of specific technical measures may vary from case to case. 

Management of research data should also abide to the general guidelines described in KTH Guidelines on managing research data .

Read about GDPR and personal information  here.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact Research data .

Read more about principles and management of information security at KTH  .