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Data management plans

A well thought out research data management plan (DMP) can help you manage your research data correctly and efficiently. It is increasingly common that research funders require a data management plan, but planning your data management have even more benefits:

  • Data is organized and structured from the start of the project.
  • Well structured data makes it easier to find and analyze what you want.
  • You can more easily share your data. A written plan will also make it easier for you to reuse your own data in the future projects.

The Research Support Office (RSO) has more information on funder requirements for data management plans.

A data management plan can be written in many different ways. KTH offers the tool DMP Online to make writing a DMP easier.

Log in to DMP Online .

When using KTH DMP Online you choose the most suitable template for your project. Different funders may have different templates and requirements for the DMP.