Reference management software

With reference management software you will be able to build an own library, collect and sort all your references, insert citations in your manuscript and save a lot of time. The basic functions for all reference management software are:

  • Collect
  • Organize
  • Cite

Different reference management software

Which reference management software should I use?

At the present, there is a lot of reference management software both as license based and freely available. Most of them offer three basic functions: collect references, organize them and cite in your manuscript. Which one of these tools is best to use? It is context based and depends on the needs and workflow of the individual user. Get an idea through this article in Wikipedia on how the different reference management works and try to find own strategy:

Comparison of reference management software

Tips & advice

  • Choose a software which works for your purpose.
  • One document, one reference management software. It’s not possible to connect a document to both EndNote and Zotero or BibTex and Mendeley.
  • It could be problematic to have two libraries of the same software. Using groups / maps is recommended for sorting sources belong to different ongoing projects.