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Centre for Academic Writing & Rhetoric

Engineers and architects need strong communicative skills to be able to interact with stakeholders, clients and colleagues. The Centre for Academic Writing & Rhetoric supports first- and second-cycle students in improving their skills in writing and speaking. Use the links in the menu to book supervision and visit other online resources.

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During our supervision sessions, which are free of cost, our supervisors help students get started with their assignments, tackle and conquer writer’s block or performance anxiety, learn strategies for text revision, and independently work with proofreading.

Whether your assignment is a written or an oral task, our language and rhetoric supervisors can help you sharpen your skills and improve your communication.

We offer individual supervision, consultation in small groups, and workshops. We work for an active communicative environment and ensure that writing and presentations at KTH are of high quality. We do so by sponsoring writing clinics and group presentations. We cooperate with all of KTH’s campuses, and via KTH Language and Communication , we support the development of written and oral skills within the educational programmes.