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At KTH Library, there are supervisors who can help you develop your writing or oral presentations. The supervisors work within the Center for Academic Writing & Rhetoric (CAW/CAS). Students at all levels of education can be helped to improve their texts and oral presentations.

Book a consultation

You book a consultation in our booking system. 

Book a consultation for help with assignments in Swedish

Book a consultation for help with assignments in English

Video about CAW

A short video introducing the Centre for Academic Writing and Rhetoric and its services.

When you have booked a consultation, a supervisor will contact you. Please email your text/presentation and questions at least 24 hours in advance to

You can also book consultations with librarians  who guide you in information retrieval and reference management.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so in the booking system . Click on My bookings.

The supervisors

All supervisors for texts and oral presentations are full-time university lecturers who teach language, communication and rhetoric in KTH's various programs and courses, as well as in independent courses at KTH Language and Communication.

Read more about our supervisors .


The Centre for Academic Writing & Rhetoric has different venues on KTH Campus. We will inform you of the meeting place when you have made a booking. Usually the meeting room is Lise Meitner.

Rules and policies

We offer two sessions (45 minutes long) for each text or presentation. Make the appointment for the first session with our online booking session. If you need a followup appointment, your supervisor will make the appointment with you. Don’t forget to cancel if you can’t make your appointment. If you do not show up to your appointment, it will still count as one of your two available opportunities.

We offer supervision at present only to students at first and second cycle; in other words, we cannot see doctoral students or researchers. Please check out the available courses in communication for researchers:

Courses in communication for doctoral students and researchers at KTH

Contact and questions

Do you need an alternative time? Do you have short questions or suggestions? Email us at