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Access to electronic material

As a student or employee at KTH you have automatic access to electronic material through your KTH account.

Please note that if you are not affiliated with KTH, you can only access the library's electronic collections from the computers inside KTH Library's main library.

Faster access to articles with LibKey Nomad

The browser extension LibKey Nomad  gives you quick access to articles that the library subscribes to even if you are not using the library website.

LibKey Nomad browser extension.

Access electronic resources off campus

As a student or employee at KTH, you can access the library's databases, e-books and e-journals wherever you are.

If you are on campus and have connected to KTH's Eduroam network (not KTH Open), you can automatically access resources included in the library's collections as you have an IP number belonging to KTH.

If you are off campus, you will be automatically redirected to login when you search for resources through the library's search service Primo. To access e-resources, you must be registered as a student or employee at KTH.

Problem accessing electronic material?

Sometimes, access to materials may not work, and in that case, you can try one of these tips:

  • Always search for your desired material through the library's search service, Primo . If you take a different route, we cannot guarantee access.
  • Try using a different web browser.
  • Clear the cache and cookies in your web browser.
  • Check if you have the latest version of the web browser you are using, otherwise, update it.
  • If you cannot access the correct article or if the link to the article is not functioning, find the journal in the Primo and navigate to the correct year/volume/issue.
  • Ensure that you are an active student/employee in KTH's system. If something is not right, contact your institution. If you are no longer active at KTH, you will no longer have remote access to library resources.

If none of this works, please email us at  so we can investigate the cause of the error and fix it. Please include answers to these questions along with a screenshot showing the error message:

Name of resource:

Are you located off campus or not?:

IP address:

Are you accessing other resources?:


Type of device (e.g. PC/Mac):