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Film in education

Want to show movies to your students? Find out about services and opportunities here.

The library does not acquire films and does not have collections of older formats or streaming services for films and TV shows. However, a number of videos (instructional videos, documentaries, and courses) are included as part of acquired databases and platforms, and are accessible to KTH employees and students. Check the database list  to see what's available.

If there is a need for access to films for educational purposes at KTH, schools should directly contact the provider to rent or purchase the films. Usually, the agreement is limited to a specific time, location, and group. The school is responsible for purchasing and access.

If institutional access is permitted, the library can assist with access so that the purchased film becomes available through the KTH account and is also searchable via a direct link in the library system.

Some examples of providers:

  • Film Platform  provides documentaries for schools and educational purposes. Contact the provider for more information, purchases, and licensing agreements. Institutional access may be available.
  • Swedish Film License  can provide screening rights for groups of films from various film distributors. The list of films and more information is available on their website. Films can also be rented for screenings (DVD/Blu-Ray).
  • Fokus Film (FilmCentrum Distribution)  offers a film selection geared towards schools and groups. Their website contains a film catalog, and films can be rented for access for a limited time.

Some streaming services may have certain films or documentaries available for educational screenings. To be shared or shown to a group, the film copy must have institutional rights. You may not share or display a copy of a film intended for private use or use your private account in a streaming service. Ensure permission is granted through direct contact with the provider or by obtaining additional information on educational screening rights on the provider's website. Advertising may be present at times.

Films may also be available on SVT Play , UR Play , Öppet arkiv , and .