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The KTH Library can cover your costs for open access publishing.

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Search for journals with open access agreements

Search for a journal that you are interested in publishing in and find out if open access publishing is available and which terms applies.

Find journals with open access publishing

Please check the following before sending in your article to be published:

  • All Corresponding authors have to be affiliated to KTH.
  • This offer does not include other costs not related to open access charges, colour charges or charges for supplementary materials.

  • The KTH affiliations of all KTH authors, the departments/units they belong to, must be clearly stated in the article and in the publisher’s system.

  • The author has to use an e-mail address that ends with This will ensure the identification of KTH authors and eligible articles. (adresses like and can be used).

  • Check if there is a pre-paid agreement, and follow the instructions listed under the publishers name, so that your article is registered correctly.

  • For publications not included in KTH:s agreements with publishers contact the library at  with information about the article/journal.

  • If you have any questions about the quality of a journal or questions about publishing do not hesitate to ask us.

  • The library will not cover the publishing charges for articles who does not meet basic scientific requirements.

  • If you want to know more about parallell publishing or general information about open access, see About open access

We can give you advice about the which journal to choose from different aspects like the subject, article type, citations, open access or acceptance rate.

Pre-paid open access agreements

MJS Publishing

Agreement period: 1 Jan 2024 — 31 Dec 2024

Open access type: Open*

Article types: All article types

License: CC-BY ( Read more about Creative Commons-licenses .)

Author instructions: It's important that you who are sending in the manuscript to the publisher is the corresponding author and that you are employed at KTH. Use your KTH e-mail adress that ends with 

Journals included: Search for journals in Scifree

Read more: MJS Publishing

*) A hybrid journal is partially funded by subscriptions but individual articles can be made open access, usually when a publication fee (article processing charge or APC) is paid.

**) A pure or gold open access journal is a journal where all articles are freely available for all, no subscription is needed. Usually you need to pay a publication fee (article processing charge or APC) to publish in a pure open access journal.