Talking books

What can KTH Library offer you in need of your course literature as talking books? Here you will find information about the support KTH Library is offering, how to access talking books, which programs are available for you and adapted study rooms.

If you have a reading disablity you can get your course literature in another format. There are many reasons why you might need adapted books, like dyslexia, visual impairment, physical disability or something else that makes it hard to read printed text. The most common format is talking books, but there are other formats aswell, like Braille. You can listen to talking books from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. All obligatory course literature should be recorded or adapted. We can help you with new production of adapted literature, if you need a course book that is not adapted yet. It can take a long time to produce a new talking book so it is very important to contact us as soon as possible. Read more about talking books in Legimus .

Book introduction to talking books

Book an introduction at KTH Library to gain access to talking books. Choose time and place in the booking schedule. We offer introductions at the Main Library, in Kista, Södertälje and Flemingsberg. The introduction takes about 30-40 minutes.

Book introduction to talking books

Read with your ears - TorTalk

Book a reading studio

If you have a certificate from the coordinator for disabled students (Funka) you can book the reading studio at the Main Library, Kista or Flemingsberg. These rooms are available when the libraries are open and they can be booked in advance. Bring your certificate to the library the first time you want to use the studio. Book a reading studio in the schedule.

Book a reading studio

Obligatory course literature can be adapted to talking books but there is also a lot of other material available through the library that can be useful for students, for example a large amount of articles and e-books from our databases. They can be read out to you by a speech synthesizer, TorTalk. To read articles protected from copying, use the ocr-button in TorTalk. It opens a window that can convert all text within the window frame into speech. Works with all format of text (copy protected PDF files and e-books can be read).All students and employees at KTH have access to TorTalk text to speech. TorTalk is installed in all student computer labs. You can download it to your private computer from KTH Software Download, TorTalk .


KTH has access to two spelling aids that you can download to your own computer. Stava Rex  is a spell checker for Swedish text. It is more advanced than the spell checkers in for exampel Word. It finds grammatical errors and knows when to write compound words together. Spellright is a spell checker for English text. The program is adapted to people with Swedish as native language but writing in English. It corrects spelling but also grammar and punctuation. Download the software from KTH Software Download .

Librarians working with talking books

Lenita Brodin Berggren
Eva Westphal
Michelle Mörck