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  • Help us design the library of your dreams!

    Published Feb 13, 2024

    What are your thoughts on KTH Library? Help out by answering a survey. Your responses will be used as a basis for the development of the library's facilities and activities.

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  • Access to Altmetric Explorer is canceled

    Published Feb 09, 2024

    The tool Altmetric Explorer will no longer be available after 29 February 2024.

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  • Explore Nature Masterclasses - training courses for researchers

    Published Feb 08, 2024

    The Nature Masterclasses service has been purchased by the Materials and Energy Platform and the Digitization Platform and will be available at KTH in 2024.

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  • IEA energy statistics now available on a new platform

    Published Jan 31, 2024

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an organization whose mission is to work with governments and industry to create a secure and sustainable energy future for all. The IEA database makes availab...

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  • Did you know that you have access to Swedish newspapers?

    Published Jan 26, 2024

    Through the KTH Library you can access the database Mediearkivet (Retriever Research), which is the largest digital news archive in the Nordic region containing printed newspapers, magazines and busin...

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  • New exhibition: Strangers’ Minds

    Published Jan 18, 2024

    Strangers’ Minds is an exhibition hosted by Bright at KTH. Bright is inviting you to participate in this interactive exhibition.

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  • Read about advances in robotics – you now have access to Science Robotics

    Published Jan 15, 2024

    Following requests from researchers, the KTH Library has started a subscription to the journal Science Robotics.

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  • Share knowledge – hold a workshop in the library!

    Published Jan 04, 2024

    During 2024 KTH Library invites KTH students to arrange a workshop in the library. This is a paid job!

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  • Updated rules for food in the library

    Published Jan 04, 2024

    Starting from 15 January 2024, it is permitted to eat fruit and snacks in the library.

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  • Discover KTH's impact – Annual Bibliometric Monitoring (ABM) for 2023

    Published Dec 18, 2023

    Do you want the key to a treasure trove of insights about KTH's publications? In the ABM, you'll find bibliometric information about KTH's publications, segmented by schools and departments. It offers...

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  • Changed requesting rules

    Published Dec 07, 2023

    Starting from 15 December, you can no longer request and have books sent between the main library at KTH Campus and Campus Södertälje, and vice versa.

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  • SciPost and the Diamond Publishing Model

    Published Sep 15, 2023

    In the Diamond publishing model, there are no publication fees (APCs) to be paid by the authors. Instead, funding is derived from institutional support and memberships.

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  • Search, evaluate, cite – new web course for students

    Published Sep 04, 2023

    Enhance your academic skills by learning how to efficiently search for and evaluate sources, and write accurate references to avoid plagiarism.

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  • KTH Library introduces five new journal subscriptions

    Published Jun 26, 2023

    In response to researchers' requests and analysis of article orders, KTH Library has initiated subscriptions to five new journal titles.

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  • KTH Library enhances food resources with Nature Food

    Published May 30, 2023

    Following a request from the newly established KTH Food center, KTH Library has started a subscription to Nature Food.

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  • Statista – new statistics database

    Published May 15, 2023

    Based on requests from students and researchers, KTH Library has started a subscription to Statista – an online statistics, market research and business intelligence platform.

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  • Problem accessing library resources?

    Published Apr 27, 2023

    Starting Thursday, 27 April, Single Sign-On logins will be removed from certain publisher platforms (direct login to library resources on publisher platforms).

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  • Use available classrooms for your studies

    Published Apr 13, 2023

    In the library, there are several rooms that are sometimes used for teaching. When the rooms are not booked, you as a student can use them to study.

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  • The math competition Sigma 8 will take place at the library April 20–21

    Graphics Sigma 8
    Published Apr 12, 2023

    On April 20-21, the math competition Sigma 8 will take place at the KTH Library. Sigma 8 is a Nordic math competition for 8th-grade students throughout the Nordic region. It is a unique math competiti...

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  • Search scientific literature based on the UN's sustainable development goals

    Published Mar 31, 2023

    Do you want to find research that contributes to or deals with one of the UN's sustainable development goals? In that case you can try out the pre-generated search queries developed in the Scopus data...

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