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Science and curiosities from KTH Library's rare books collection

Published May 27, 2024

Welcome to a new exhibition in the Library hall that opens Tuesday 28 May.

When the Technological Institute, which later became KTH, was founded in 1827 there was already a library in the making. The first books reflected the curriculum and, in addition to scientific courses in mining and aerostatics, several of the first courses at the Institute were of a practical nature such as sericulture and the production of artificial flowers.

The library was situated at Drottninggatan 95 from 1863, and not until 1930 was it relocated to KTH Campus at Valhallavägen. Since 2002 the Library is housed in the old laboratory building on Osquars backe.

The current exhibition in Bibliotekshallen showcases a selection of books and objects from the KTH rare books collection. Scientific works as well as curiosities are on display, alongside old library paraphernalia. 

Photo from a book by Cardelli.
Nouveau manuel complet du cuisinier et de la cuisinière, à l'usage de la ville et de campagne, Cardelli 1938

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