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New study spaces and group rooms at the library

Published Mar 21, 2024

On 11 April we will open up the new study area and five new bookable group rooms at KTH Library. The area is located behind Arkaden on the entrance floor and will be named Arcade Hall.

The area consists of a larger room with reading spots and cozy furnishing. If you continue down the corridor, you will find standing tables with bar stools and chairs of various designs. Here you will also find the new group rooms 11-13. These rooms can accommodate a group of about 6 people and they are equipped with a screen. Group rooms 9–10 are located just before the Arcade Hall. These do not have screens.

Arcade Hall
The new area, Arcade Hall, is located behind Arkaden. You will be able to enter the area from two different directions.
Study place in Arcade Hall.
In Arcade Hall, several sections will have these types of standing tables and high chairs.
Group room in Arcade Hall
One of five of the new group study rooms in Arcade Hall. Two of them can be found just outside.

Arcade Hall and the group rooms have been furnished with entirely recycled furniture from other parts of KTH. We are working on rearranging the furniture to make it even more functional later on. The Arcade Hall has a capacity for a total of about 65 visitors, which also affects the furniture arrangement.

Please note that this means all group rooms from number 5 will change location in the library. Be careful to check which group room you have booked and verify the signs. The new room number, 12–16, vill be open for booking from 12 April.

The non-bookable group rooms behind Ångdomen will remain and will be numbered 17-19. In total, there will be 20 group rooms in the library, of which 17 are bookable.

Map of the library and group rooms placement.
Map of the library and the group rooms placement, floor 2.