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Exhibitions and collaborations

At KTH Library we take pride in being co-creators and partners in communicating and showcasing the important research taking place at KTH. The library aims to be an inspiring space for interaction, reflection, learning, and encounters. We believe that our exhibitions and events are a crucial part of achieving this goal, and we are pleased that our events are often well-received by students, researchers, and visitors from the general public.

Details from an exhibition in the Entrance Hall.
Photo from the exhibition Fear of an unFAIR planet, displayed in the Entrance Hall during autumn 2023.

We regularly organize exhibitions, lectures, and other events to disseminate knowledge about the research conducted at KTH and its significance for society. We aim to foster dialogue between researchers, students, and the public, making research accessible to a broader audience. In a challenging world, it is essential that we can instill hope and highlight research and education that contribute to making the world a better place.

If you are interested in collaborating with us to co-create an exhibition, lecture, or other event, you are welcome to contact us. We work together with you through planning, marketing, and executing the event. Our beautiful library is visited by over 2800 people a regular working day, giving us a unique opportunity to collectively reach a wider audience with your research and create arenas for dialogue between researchers, students, and the public.

Please reach out to us by emailing  with your ideas or initial thoughts about exhibitions or other collaborations.

Ongoing and upcoming exhibitions

Read more about the ongoing and upcoming exhibitions at the library

Past exhibitions

Here is a selection of the past exhibitions at the library

Other events

The library also organizes several other events, read more at the page Calendar and events .