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Borrow and request materials

The KTH Library is a public library open to everyone. Some of our services are only available to students and staff at KTH.

Library account

Activate your library account  to access the KTH Library services.

What you can borrow and use

Finding resources

Use our search function Primo to search for resources available through the KTH Library.

Search materials in Primo

More on how to search

Books that are on loan, that are located in closed stacks, or are available the other KTH Library location, may be requested. You cannot request a book that is available at the library location where you want to pick it up.

Books located on open shelves can be picked up and borrowed by everyone with an activated library account.

If the library does not have what you're looking for

In case you are looking for materials that are not held by the KTH Library, it is possible to submit a purchase suggestion or interlibrary loan request. The service is open to all students and employees at KTH.

Submit a purchase or interlibrary loan request

Books that are held by KTH Library but currently on loan will not be considered for purchase or interlibrary loan.


You can request

  • Books that are on loan
  • Books that are in closed stacks

If a book is available for request, you will see a button with the word Request when you have searched for the book in Primo.

You can not request

  • Books that are available at the same library where you wish to pick ut up. Please go directly to the shelf.
  • Other materials with different limitations

When the book is available for pick-up you will receive an email with a code. Requested books are placed on an open shelf by the library information desk.

The book will be held for 5 days and if you do not intend to borrow the book, please remove the request from your account so someone else can borrow it instead.

Loan periods

You can borrow all books for 14 days, with automatic renewals up to 180 days if no one else requests the book. There are exceptions with 7 day loans and 3 day loans (mostly certain journals, dictionaries, handbooks etc). 

We do not send emails for automatic renewals, only when it is time to return the book.

See all current return dates by logging in to My Library Account .

If another library patron requests the book you have borrowed, you will be notyfied by e-mail that the book must be returned.

For interlibrary loans (loans from other libraries), it is always the lending library that determines the return date, see the current date on the receipt and / or My Library Account . To see if it is possible to renew an interlibrary loan, send an email to

Overdue fees

You will be charged an overdue fee  on late returns requested by another library patron.

Book returns

Books are preferably returned in the self-service machines, follow the instructions on the screen.

If the library is closed, you can drop the book in our book drop by the Main Library entrance, accessible all hours.

You can also return books in the book drop in Södertälje, only available during the library's regular extended opening hours.  During longer holiday periods, Campus Södertälje is usually closed.

KTH Library books may be returned at the Main Library or Södertälje, no matter where you picked them up.

In exeptional cases you might have to return a book by post. Please note that you are responsible for the book until it is checked-in at the KTH Library, and that you have to pay postage.

Postal address:
KTH Library
Osquars backe 25
100 44 Stockholm


Architectural journals can be found at the main library, while most other journals are placed in external repositories. You can request copies  of articles from our external stacks. This service is free of charge for KTH students and staff. All other requests are charged according to our price list. If you are a public user, we will refer you to your local library.

Price list for orders

If you want to read a journal or book that is placed in the external stacks in Bålsta, you can make a request . You will receive an email when the order is delivered. The service is free of charge for KTH affiliated.