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Borrow and request material

The KTH Library is a public library and open to everyone. Some of our services are reserved for students and staff at KTH. This page will tell you more about how our services work, how to get a library account, loan periods and overdue fees.

Available services at KTH Library

A librarian and a student at the service desk at KTH Library.

Students and staff at KTH

As a student and employee at KTH, you have access to all our material both on and off campus.

Search material in Primo

As a student or employee, you also have the opportunity to suggest or request material not yet available at KTH Library.

Order and request books and articles

All other visitors

If you are not affiliated with KTH you are welcome to visit our libraries and can read and borrow books from our open collections. You will also have limited access to our electronic material through the library's computers.

Find and order material

Use our library catalogue Primo to find and request material that you can borrow from KTH Library.

Search material in Primo

Learn more about how to search for material

Available books in our open collections can be collected directly from the shelves in the library. It is not possible to request course books or available books. If the book is on loan, is in another KTH library or in the closed stacks, you can request it.

Create a library account


Student reading a journal in the North Gallery

Architectural journals can be found at the main library, while most other journals are placed in external repositories. You can order copies of articles from the repositories. This service is free for KTH students and staff. All other orders are charged according to our price list.

Price list for orders

If you want to read a magazine or book that is placed in the external stacks, you can order it to the main library. You will receive an email when the order is delivered. The service is free of charge.

Order material from KTH Library

Material not available at KTH Library

  • Before ordering a book, check if it is already available in our collections. Books that are on loan, and therefore temporarily unavailable, will not be ordered. In that case we recommend putting a request on the book instead.
  • If the book is available at another library in the Stockholm area, students should contact that library. Doctoral students and reseaarchers can request books from libraries in the Stockholm area.
  • If you are searching via Libris , choose “KTH Library” under the tab “My libraries” in order to get us as an option when placing an order.
  • We order material needed for studies and research within KTH's subject areas that are not already available at KTH Library.
  • We are happy to receive purchase suggestions for course books.

  • Students may have five interlibrary loans at a time. Doctoral students and reseaarchers have no upper limit.
  • Allow for a delivery time of 1–2 weeks if the book is available.

Loan periods

Hourglass and books

The loan period is 14 days, with automatic renewals up to 180 days. This means that you can keep the book for a minimum of 14 days, and the loan period is extended for 14 days at a time until someone else makes a reservation on the book.

Course books

At our libraries in Kista and Södertälje there are course books with a 7 days loan period, and automatic renewals up to 21 days. This means that you can keep the book for a minimum of 7 days, and the loan period is then extended for 7 days at a time until someone else makes a reservation on the book.

To borrow course books, you need to visit the respective libraries. You can return the books at any of the KTH libraries.

Overdue fees and replacement costs

  • Overdue course book: 10 SEK per day and book.
  • Overdue book requested by someone else: 10 SEK per day and book.

If the book is not returned after several reminders, an invoice for SEK 850 per book will be sent.

The library also accepts replacement copies for lost books, provided that the replacement copy is of the same or a later edition than the lost book, and in very good condition. The library does not accept replacement copies for interlibrary loans (loans from other libraries).

Overdue fees are paid at the information desk in the library (except invoices for lost books).