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New student at the library

A big warm welcome to the library! At the library, you'll discover study places, an extensive collection of books, and access to electronic resources. Our services include consultations, teaching sessions, as well as engaging lectures and seminars. On this page, we provide a brief overview of essential information beneficial for new students to acquaint themselves with the library.

Two persons walking in the library hall.
Students sitting in the library.

Library Fair – a welcome event for new students

Welcome to Library Fair – an event for new students where you can get to know the library. 

Library Fair 2–6 September

Student web

New students can find a lot of useful information on the Student web . There you'll also find the web page Getting started with IT services  where you'll find information about IT services you might need as a student.

Activate your library account

The first thing you should do as a new student is to activate your library account. With the library account you can borrow and request books. You have automatically access to our electronic resources through your KTH account.

Activate your library account

Map of the library

Navigate in the library

Learn how to navigate within the library using our interactive map. Remember that you can use the library's lecture rooms when they are unoccupied.

Go to the library map

Real-time occupancy

Opening hours

Everything you need to know about the library's opening hours can be found under Opening hours & contact . Remember that your KTH access card is the key to the library during certain unmanned hours.

You can also see how many people visit the library in real time . In this way, you can plan your visit and learn at what times the library premises are busy or quiet.

Find study places and book group rooms

At the main library, there are plenty of study places, both quiet halls and halls that are better suited for group work, and there are also computers and printers. As a KTH student, you can book one of our group rooms at the main library.

Read more about studying in the library

Search for books and access material

You search for books in the library search tool Primo. Here you can see a short video on how to make the best searches suited for your needs.

You can only request books that are out on loan. If the book is available you pick it up from the shelf yourself. You can see where all the books are placed through our interactive map .

As a student or employee with a KTH account, you automatically have access to all electronic material via the library, even if you work remotely.

Read more about how to access materials off campus

Read more about searching and evaluate information

Individual consultations

If you want help with information searching, writing or reference management, you can book a consultation with us. We also offer teaching and open seminars.

Book a consultation

Centre for Academic Writing and Rhetoric

At the library you can get individual help from skilled language tutors. They help out with both Swedish and English. Have a look at their offer in this short video!

More information about Centre for Academic Writing and Rhetoric (CAW)

Attend workshops and seminars

Each semester, KTH Library gives several workshops, lectures and seminars in everything from reference management and rhetoric to popular science lectures and TED talks.

Have a look in our calendar to see all events

Talking books

If you're having a hard time reading printed books, you are entitled to get course literature as talking books or other available formats.

Read more about talking books

Use the speech synthesis Tortalk

All students at KTH have free access to Tortalk on their computer. Tortalk reads out digital texts and is a good tool for those who have difficulty reading printed text. It is also a good tool for anyone who likes to read with both their eyes and ears.

Read more about Tortalk

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