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About the library

The KTH Library consists of the libraries at KTH Campus and KTH Södertälje. Here you can read more about our organisation, our mission and goals. Here you'll also find more detailed information about the library for those who are extra interested.

Facade of the library
The entrance of the library.

Our mission

KTH Library development plan 2018–2024

The development plan will guide the library in our ambition to act as professional support to the education, research and collaboration at KTH over the next six years.

The KTH Library supports the academic and digital skills of students and researchers. The library promotes open acess publishing and provides the university with analyses to help them make strategic decisions. The goal is to strengthen the quality of education and research, and to disseminate KTH’s research. The KTH Library is also a central meeting place, and an arena for collaboration.

Our organisation

KTH Library is divided into three main groups, each with a group manager: Operational support and development, Library services and learning support and Publication infrastructure and media.

KTH Library media plan

Strategy for providing access to relevant information resources in electronic and printed format via KTH Library.

Operational support and development includes Economy, IT and Systems, Library development, Library maintenance and facilities and Communication.

Library services and learning support is divided into four groups: Arena, Collections, Support and Teaching.

Publication infrastructure and media is divided into four groups: Bibliometrics, Research data, Media and Scholarly Publication.

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The history of the library

The history of the library began as early as 1827 with the establishment of KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Since then, several transformative renovations and relocations have been undertaken, shaping the library into what it is today.

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Our courses

KTH Library offers a variety of courses that you can study at your own pace via the learning platform Canvas. We also have a vast video library on the video service KTH Play.

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Our collections

KTH Library has for a long time built up a solid collection of older and new literature, both books and online resources.

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Exhibitions and collaborations

We regularly organize exhibitions, lectures, and other events to disseminate knowledge about the research conducted at KTH and its significance for society.

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