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Library courses

KTH Library offers a variety of courses that you can study at your own pace via the learning platform Canvas. We also have a vast video library on the video service KTH Play, featuring short instructional videos to help you learn various skills relevant to your studies or research.

Online courses

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Search, evaluate, cite

Welcome to join the library's course (NB! Only in Swedish) on how to search, evaluate, and cite information. The course is available on KTH's learning platform Canvas. It is open to everyone, with a special focus on KTH students. We recommend registering for the course so that your progress and quiz results are saved in Canvas. However, you can also take the course without registering, and proceed at your own pace.

Access the course Söka, värdera, referera

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Open Science and Research Data Management

In this course for KTH employees, you can learn more about open science and data management. The course is available on Canvas learning platform and requires login with your KTH account. It is conducted in English, and you can proceed at your own pace.

Access the course Open Science and Research Data Management

Video library

In the library's channel on KTH Play, you can access all the library's videos. They are categorized by subject and always have descriptive titles and information text. The films are partly organized into different playlists based on various topics.

Here you will also find some of the lectures and seminars recorded at KTH Library, such as TEDxKTH.

Access all the library's videos on KTH Play

Courses and workshops in real time

During the terms, the library offers a number of workshops, courses, and lectures at specific times, led by a workshop leader. You can find all these workshops in the library's calendar .

As a KTH affiliated, you can also suggest topics you would like to learn more about through a course or workshop. Email your suggestions to