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Our collections

The foundation of the KTH Library was laid in In 1825, through the first purchases and donations. Today, the majority of new acquisitions are electronic books.

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Electronic collections

Tablet with books
You can reach the major part of our collections online.

The KTH Library provides e-journals, e-books and databases via subscriptions, purchases and open access. The collections largely reflect KTH's research and education, but also provide access to most other subject areas.

KTH Library gives immediate access to:

  • 400 000 e-books
  • 100 databases
  • 12 000 subscriptions to e-journals

In addition to this, a large number of open access resources are available through KTH Library.

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Print collections

Books and journals in the North gallery
Books and journals in the North gallery. Photo: Fredrik Persson.

The library's print collections are located on three campuses and in external book stacks.


The collections are mainly set up in three book suites:

  • The Rare Books Collection, which covers the years 1825-1960,
  • The 1961-2001 Suite,
  • The Dewey Book Suite, which runs from 2002.

Special Collections

  • The Architecture Collection consists of approximately 30,000 books on architecture, architectural history, building construction theory, teaching theory, and urban construction. KTH Library subscribe to 50 printed journals, and a number of electronic journals. Architecture journals are located at the KTH Library, Osquars backe.
  • Byggdoksamlingen contains literature in the property, building and environment. The collection largely covers construction research in Sweden until 2003 and provides a coherent picture of Swedish building research. The collection is available in open stacks.
  • The Holm Collection is our smallest collection and is related to the physicist Ragnar Holm's research. The collection is placed in a glass cabinet in the North Gallery.
  • The Flight Collection includes books on aeronautics, aerodynamics, space technology and fluid mechanics, as well as about 20,000 technical reports (NACA, AGARD etc.). The collection is available in the North Gallery and in open stacks.
  • The KTH Collection contains material that has been published at KTH and submitted to the library before 2010. The collection is located in closed stacks.
  • The Collection for International Congresses contains publications from various congresses around the world. 
  • The Collection in Energy and Nuclear Technology consists of books in the areas of energy and energy related environmental technology, and about 100,000 reports. Particularly extensive is the collection within the nuclear energy field from the 1950s and onwards. The collection is available in open stacks.
  • The International Development Cooperation Collection (SIUS), focuses on international development cooperation within the environment, land and water, planning, construction and energy in a sustainable perspective. The collection is available in the open stacks.
  • The Collection for Technology and Science History contains books on technology and science from a social and historical perspective. In combination with the The Rare Books Collection, an overview is given of the Swedish technical and scientific development.
  • The Rare Books Collection is a unique documentation of Sweden's development from agrarian land to industrial nation and spans a broad subject field. The Rare Books Collectionalso includes a manuscript archive and a collection of correspondence. The collection is available by appointment only. 


The KTH Library's journal collections are extensive, with a focus on natural sciences and built environment. Many of these journals are available in long running suites, uninterupted since first edition. All print journals, except journals on Architecture and Technology and Science History, are located in external stacks and only accessible on demand.

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