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Study places

KTH Library is a public library that is open to everyone. Some of our services are only for students and staff at KTH, but everyone is welcome to visit our libraries and study on our beautiful premises.

The Main Library at KTH Campus offers many different study spaces so you can choose what suits you. Most study spaces are equipped with power outlets for laptops.

Our library is a popular study spot. On this page, you will find information about various types of study places and some tips on how to make the most of the library as a study area.

Map of the library

Navigate in the library

Learn how to navigate within the library using our interactive map. Remember that you can use the library's lecture rooms when they are unoccupied.

Go to the library map

Real-time occupancy

Parking disc and books

Parking discs

If you need to leave your spot for a short while, you can use our parking discs to reserve your spot (up to 1 hour). Don't forget to return the parking disc as soon as your break is up.

Quiet study places

You can find quiet, individual study places in the North Gallery and Ångdomen.

Study places in the North Gallery.
Some of the study places in the North Gallery. Photo: Fredrik Persson.
The study hall Ångdomen provides many quiet study places. Note that Ångdomen is sometimes booked for events or teaching. Photo: Fredrik Persson.

Group workspaces

We have many different types of group workspaces in the library. You can find them here:

The links goes to the interactive map where you can see where the room is located. 

Group rooms

A group study room

As a KTH student, you can book one of the library's seventeen group rooms or use one of our three drop-in group rooms located behind Ångdomen.

Book a group room at KTH Library

Study in available classrooms

The library has classrooms and computer rooms that are sometimes booked for teaching. When the rooms are available, students are welcome to use them for studying. You can check in the booking system TimeEdit  when the rooms are booked. There is also a QR code outside the rooms that leads to the schedule. The links below goes to our interactive map where you can see where the room is located and also check scheduled events in all of the rooms. 

These rooms are included:


In Södertälje, there are study spaces adjacent to the library.

It is also possible to book an introduction to talking books in Södertälje.

For more information on study places outside the library, see Study places and group rooms .