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Rules of Conduct at the KTH Library

Since the Library is a place of work for students and staff, it is important that everyone helps to contribute to a pleasant and orderly working environment.

Safe study environment

The library hall

At KTH Library we want to provide a calm and safe study environment. Please remember that you are part of others study environment when you visit us. If you feel that your study environment is disrupted, or if you see someone harrassing other visitors please ask the person to stop or contact the library staff.

Harassment, threats or violence shall under no circumstances occur. KTH security number is 08-790 7700. In case of emergency, dial 112.

When visiting the Library you are required to observe the following rules:

  • Throughout the Library you are required to use a moderate tone of voice and your mobile phone should be turned to silent. In areas marked as silent, no talking is allowed, mobile phones must be turned off, and computers may be used for reading purpose only - volume must be turned off and typing is not allowed.
  • Books that you have finished using must be placed on the book trolleys placed along the shelves.
  • We naturally assume that Library furnishings and equipment will be handled with care and left in their places. If you damage anything you will be liable to pay damages.
  • The library's computers are intended for information retrieval, studies and research. Students at KTH are welcome to use any of the computer rooms available on campus.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Library, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • You may bring drinks with lid except by the computers. Leave your workspace tidy and throw your trash in the bin. Any other kind of food is prohibited.
  • Personal belongings like clothes and books are left at your own risk. Please beware of thieves!