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Rules of Conduct at KTH Library

Since the library is a place of work for students and staff, it is important that everyone helps to contribute to a pleasant and orderly working environment.

Safe study environment

At KTH Library we want to provide a calm and safe study environment. Please remember that you are part of others study environment when you visit us. If you feel that your study environment is disrupted, or if you see someone harrassing other visitors please ask the person to stop or contact the library staff.

Harassment, threats or violence shall under no circumstances occur. KTH security number is 08-790 7700. In case of emergency, dial 112.

Information to visitors of KTH Library

To ensure that everyone enjoys their visit and gets the most out of it, we follow these regulations:

According to KTH's core values, we treat each other with respect.

Polite language – Use polite language and avoid offensive words.

Do not disturb other visitors or run around in the library.

Sound travels easily in the area – Adjust the volume of your voice and speak with a low conversational tone.

Silent mobile phone – Set your mobile phone to silent mode and take calls outside the Library hall.

Use headphones – When listening to music or watching movies on your mobile or computer, use headphones.

Put things back – Return furniture or other items if you have moved them. Place books on the book carts.

Trash – Dispose of empty containers and packaging materials in the trash cans. If you spill something, please pick it up or wipe it clean. If you need assistance, please ask.

Only guide dogs are allowed – Animals are not allowed indoors except for guide dogs.

No vehicles allowed – Using wheeled devices such as skateboards, bicycles, kick scooters, rollerblades, or similar is prohibited. Exceptions are made for mobility aids such as wheelchairs.

Smoking, consuming alcohol, or using other drugs - Is not permitted inside or near the premises.

No sleeping area – The Library may not be used as a sleeping area.

Signature collections – Gathering signatures and collecting money is not allowed.

Putting up posters? – Use the notice boards in the Entrance Hall. 

Personal belongings are left at your own risk – KTH Library is not responsible for any belongings left behind.

No food – Food is not allowed beyond the Entrance Hall. Sandwiches, salads and wraps are considered as food. Snacks as fruits and candy is allowed in the entire library. Drinks with lids are allowed, except at the computers. 

It's easy to forget or simply not realize how much noise you're making, and in that case, the staff will likely ask you to quiet down. It's nothing extraordinary, but if you don't lower your volume after being told, you will have to leave the library. Those who repeatedly violate the rules or fail to comply with instructions from the staff may be expelled from the library. The staff may seek assistance from security companies. Such behavior can also lead to disciplinary actions in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Please contact the staff if you notice that the rules are not being followed. Sabotage, severe vandalism, and theft will be reported to the police.

KTH is frequented by many students, employees, and others. During unmanned hours, you should be prepared to show both your KTH access card and valid identification . When the library closes, KTH has contracted a security company whose task is to clear the library. Please respect the opening hours and follow the instructions of the security guards.

Regulations for storage lockers

Our storage lockers in the basement are so called day lockers, meaning you can store your belongings there during the library's opening hours. You are responsible for your own belongings. It is not allowed to store items overnight, and you must retrieve your belongings before we close. After closing, the lockers are emptied by staff, and items of value are added to lost and found, while items of little value are discarded. The library is not responsible for items left in the lockers.

The lockers are primarily intended for storing outerwear and bags. You may not store items such as:

  • Hazardous or flammable materials, such as batteries
  • Stolen goods and illegal items, such as drugs and weapons
  • Items that may damage the locker, causing it to break or become dirty; items that are messy and/or have a strong odor.