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Library services

The library offers various services such as manned information desk, self-service, café, printer, computers, storage lockers, and much more.

Map of the library

Navigate in the library

Learn how to navigate within the library using our interactive map. Remember that you can use the library's lecture rooms when they are unoccupied.

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Real-time occupancy

At the library, you can seek assistance from trained personnel at the information desk. Our talented students work during evenings, weekends, and public holidays. In our self-service area near the information desk, you can take care of many tasks yourself, such as borrowing, returning, and collecting requested books. You can also search for books, book group study rooms, view maps, and more on the touchscreens at the self-service area. Of course, you can also receive help via chat and email.

Do you have a question about information searching? Then we can sit down with you for a while and go through your question. If you have a more extended question, it may be useful to book a consultation  with a librarian.

Self service in the library. Photo: Manus Glans.
The self service area where you can take care of several chores yourself. The information desk is right next to it, manned with library staff.


The Main Library has desktop computers that can be used by students and staff. As a student or employee, you log in with your KTH account.

As a visitor, you can get a guest account to use our two guest computers. Show your ID card at the information desk. If you borrow a computer and log in with a guest account, you will be automatically logged out after an hour. Through the guest computers, you have access to electronic resources.

See all available computers at the library

Wifi/wireless network

If you are a student or employee and have your computer, you can connect to KTH's network via outlet or Eduroam. Other visitors can use the library's guest network, see login information at the information desk. (Please note that other visitors cannot access electronic resources via wifi and must use a guest computer).


At KTH, the printing system KTH-Print is used. As a student or employee, you can print, scan, and copy from your printing quota on the library's printer.

We do not offer the option to copy or print for other visitors.

Learn more about KTH-Print


The lockers in the cloakroom on the first floor (in the basement via the Entrance Hall) have digital locks and can be borrowed for the day free of charge. It is not allowed to store items overnight in the lockers, they are emptied every evening. Read more about the regulations of the lockers at the page Rules of Conduct at KTH Library

The terrace
You can use the terrace during the summer (1 April to 31 October).

The Terrace

We hope you haven't missed that the library has a fantastic outdoor terrace? The terrace is open from 1 April to 31 October. The terrace is on the second floor (Level 4) via the stairs in the Entrance Hall. Please note that the terrace is closed on Saturdays. 


It is allowed to eat in the Entrance Hall, and here you'll find café Stories . There is no possibility to heat food in the library. The nearest location with microwaves can be found in Nymble, Drottning Kristinas väg 13-17 (only for students)