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On this page you will find relevant information about KTH-Print that is KTH's printing service for students and employees. The information on this page is for students only.

Printers with the service KTH-Print are installed in many locations at KTH. In order to be able to print on a KTH-Print printer, you need to have the KTH-Print printer queue on your device or print through the webinterface/e-mail. You can print on any KTH-Print connected printer available in the computer rooms and at other public places at KTH (KTHB, KTH Entré, THS, etc.).

Using KTH-Print printer

To collect what you have printed, you need to log in to the KTH-Print printer. You can log in either with your access card, which you first need to register on the printer, or with your KTH login details.

Read more about Printing with KTH-Print .

On the page Find Computer Rooms  you will find where there are computer rooms if you print out there.

Copy or scan using KTH Print

You can also use the KTH-Print printers for copying and scanning, more information on how to proceed can be found at the following links:

Copy using KTH-Print

Scan using KTH-Print

KTH-Print on private computer

You can print from your own computer in several different ways:

Purchase additional print quota

KTH provides print quota with for KTH print for all active KTH students at SEK 200 per calendar year. If you you are running out of printing quota, you can refill it by purchasing more.

Purchase print quota for KTH-Print

How much does it cost to print?

KTH-Print price list

Plotter at KTH

Plotter printers are available at the School of Architecture and are mainly used by architecture students.

Plotter printers at KTH

FAQ about printing at KTH

FAQ KTH-Print for students