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Welcome to KTH Relocation

Welcome to KTH and congratulations on getting a position here! We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Sweden and KTH.
We are not only here for you, we will also assist your family and your spouses in their acclimation to Sweden.

Important information

Updated March 21th

If you have questions about your stay or arrival to KTH, please contact KTH Relocation  by e-mail, phone, or we can book a video meeting with you.

At the moment, it might take a bit longer before you hear back from us. We are responding as quickly as possible.

March 20-25 the booking system is closed due to a upgrade.

Fault reports

Opening hours are as follow:

The 1st and 15th of a month 13.00-16.00 (or the next coming work day)
Wednesdays 13.00-16.00

If your rental contract starts on April 1 you are welcome to collect your key on April 3 between 1-4 pm. If you arrive during the weekend you need to find housing elsewhere until April 3.

You are welcome to KTH Entré during the opening hours to collect your key, purchase bedding and linen, sign your contract, collect missing kitchenware and to ask questions related to KTH Relocation.

Please notice that keys are only being handed out during opening hours.

Estimating your arrival date

  • Resident permit applications can take awhile and if you are uncertain when yours will be approved, we recommend holding off on applying for housing until you are certain of your arrival. Please note that if you are UK citizen, you will now also need to apply for a residence permit before arriving to Sweden. Residence permits can take several months for processing at the Migrationsverket. Waiting until you are certain of your arrival means that you will cut down on costs for you, and not pay for an empty apartment.
  • If you say no to a housing offer due to lack of residence permit, please contact us again by e-mail once you have the approval.
  • If you have already been allocated an apartment and will not arrive in time, you should contact KTH Relocation and consider cancelling it. We will do our best to help you in the future once your permit has been granted.

Keys and arrival

  • Please contact us a week before your arrival so we can arrange how you will get your keys. Note that we may not be able to hand over keys at the last minute, since we are not always in the office. Keys will only be handed out during our opening hours.
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Upcoming activities at KTH Relocation