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Bringing a spouse

In order to make the transition to KTH and Stockholm as smooth and beneficial as possible, KTH offers tailor-made career support for spouses.

To give your spouse access to the program, the position you applied for needs to be for at least one year and an assistant professor or higher.

The program does not guarantee that you will get a job, but provides a professional career coach and the program runs for three months. The interaction with the coach includes contact/feedback by e-mail, skype, phone and also 5 personal meetings. The aim is to make sure your partner gets the most out of her/his stay in Stockholm or becomes more employable on the labor market in Stockholm in a time range that suits her/him and that is also realistic.

There is no need to speak Swedish nor have an academic background. We welcome all spouses to the program.

For further information, please contact or visit KTH Relocation .