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News from the partnerships

  • Research projects within sustainable transport solutions and wind power granted funding

    Published Apr 11, 2024

    KTH and Region Stockholm jointly announce research funding of 4.8 million SEK annually for researchers at KTH within sustainable transport and regional development. Three projects have been granted fu...

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  • KTH researcher's invention saves salmon from damage at hydropower plants

    Jowan Rostami at KTH courtyard
    "It feels rewarding to contribute to the utilization of renewable resources in the forest industry while at the same time promoting biodiversity at hydropower plants," KTH researcher Jowan Rostami says.
    Published Mar 19, 2024

    Hydropower plants have major problems with migrating fish getting injured in turbines. KTH researcher Jowan Rostami has developed a unique bio-based foam material to serve as a protective barrier, red...

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  • KTH and Region Stockholm focus on collaboration and knowledge exchange

    Vision picture Hammarby Kanal, Luma (Picture: Stockholm Region)
    Published Mar 07, 2024

    Daniel Jonsson, researcher at the Department of Urban Planning and Environment, has been appointed to continue as Partner Director for Region Stockholm. He shares his views on the role and its importa...

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  • Joint research project for equal asthma care

    Published Mar 04, 2024

    Through the joint research call within health and medical technology Region Stockholm and KTH aim to bridge gaps between technical development and better health. One of the granted projects 2023 is ab...

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  • KTH and the City of Stockholm strengthen their collaboration

    Photo: iStock
    Published Feb 22, 2024

    Tina Karrbom Gustavsson, professor at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, has just been appointed as the new Partner Director for KTH's strategic partnership with the City of St...

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  • Inaguration of Sweden's first cyber campus

    Two people are holding a ribbon that two other people are cutting.
    From left: David Olgart, Director of Cybercampus Sweden, Minister of Civil Defense Carl-Oskar Bohlin (M), Minister of Education Mats Persson (L) and KTH President Anders Söderholm. Photo: Sanna Johannesson, Blackbox Videoproduktion.
    Published Feb 07, 2024

    The need for increased cyber security is growing exponentially. The Swedish government is investing just over SEK 100 million in the coming years in Cybercampus Sweden, an initiative inaugurated today...

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  • Broadened recruitment for increased quality

    Published Nov 14, 2023

    Recruitment and attracting new groups of students are constantly relevant issues, and diversity is becoming increasingly important for KTH as well as for the industry.

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  • Sustainability at the core

    Published Nov 02, 2023

    SEI Stockholm Environment Institute has successfully worked with thesis students from KTH for a long time. Sustainability and development issues are at the core, topics that resonates deeply with many...

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  • Honorary doctorate as the link to industry

    Portrait of honorary doctor
    "Nova vouches for the fact that the right expertise is brought in and then we get a fruitful collaboration between academia and industry. Here, KTH is by far the most important for us," says Principal Bengt Karlsson Moberg in Oskarshamn, who has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate at KTH. (Photo: Johan Gustavsson/JG Photography)
    Published Sep 25, 2023

    He plays a key role in KTH's close collaboration with the Swedish high-tech industrial town Oskarshamn. Bengt Karlsson Moberg is appointed 2023 Honorary Doctor at KTH for his significant contributions...

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  • Rewarding study visit to industrial companies

    Published Apr 20, 2023

    In March a total of 50 master and MBA-students visited seven industrial companies in Sweden including KTH´s strategic partners ABB, Sandvik Coromant, Scania, Ericsson, Hitachi Energy as well as Alleim...

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  • Projects aim to eliminate waste from wastewater

    a glass is filled with water from a faucet
    Water treatment used to be primarily about protecting the environment from contaminants. Nowadays, sea- and wastewater are purified into drinking water and all parts of wastewater are to be reused. At the new pilot and demo facility in Loudden, Stockholm, new solutions for circular water treatment are being tested and developed. (Photo: Mostphotos)
    Published Mar 21, 2023

    The demand for water treatment is increasing throughout the world – and so is the risk of waste. Today, water treatment processes aim to protect the environment from contaminants, while recycling all ...

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  • Saab and KTH collaborate to ensure the competence of the future

    Published Feb 06, 2023

    Since May 2022, Ingemar Söderquist from Saab has been an adjunct professor in avionics at KTH. By working both in industry and academia, he gets the opportunity to review KTH's education programs and ...

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  • Collaborative project receives funds to research the role of genetics in rare diagnoses

    Published Jan 25, 2023

    Since 2014, Region Stockholm and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has issued a yearly call for proposals for collaborative projects within health and medical technology. The projects are eligib...

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  • KTH and Alstom in joint effort for a sustainable European railway system

    Train in snow landscape.
    KTH and Alstom are collaborating to develop train traffic in Europe as part of the EU's commitment to sustainable transport. (Photo: Alstom / KBD Bilder AB)
    Published Jan 16, 2023

    The EU is focusing heavily on sustainable travel. With Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail), the vision is to introduce a high-capacity, highly reliable integrated European railway system in orde...

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  • KTH Climate Action Centre partner up with Stockholm Environment Institute

    KTH Climate Action Centre and Stockholm Environment Institute held a joint workshop on 9 December. Photo: Alma Berggren Ek.
    Published Dec 21, 2022

    Co-creation and new solutions are the focus of the new research collaboration between KTH Climate Action Centre and the environmental research institute SEI. The common goal is to speed up the climate...

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