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Collaborate with KTH - as an adjunct professor or affiliated faculty

As a specialist in our core activities, research and education, you contribute new, valuable points of contact in addition to your expertise. To your main employer, you constitute an important resource for increasing the organisation's contact with the research front.

Adjunct professor

Adjunct professors are assigned to work at one of KTH’s schools where they have direct contact with cutting edge scientific development as well as educators and students. Adjunct professors at KTH act as bridge builders between the university and the surrounding society and provide interfaces in addition to existing cooperation on partnership projects, commissioned research or research centre creation.

Affiliated faculty

An affiliate faculty appointment should be seen as a strategic instrument with which both parties can strengthen and influence the direction and focus of a research area, or support undergraduate and advanced education at KTH. The position can help a person gain a docent qualification and thus also subsequently gain adjunct professor status at KTH.

Industry-employed doctoral students

KTH has a long tradition of attracting doctoral students who are employed by companies or organisations and particularly those working for industrial companies. Being an industry-employed doctoral student at KTH is an important opportunity for individuals and organisations outside KTH to develop their expertise and exchange knowledge with those inside the academic world.