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Affiliated faculty

In 2012 KTH introduced affiliate faculty positions. An affiliate faculty appointment should be seen as a strategic instrument with which both parties can strengthen and influence the direction and focus of a research area, or support undergraduate and advanced education at KTH. The position can help a person gain a docent qualification and thus also subsequently gain adjunct professor status at KTH.

Who can become affiliated?

To be a candidate for appointment to the affiliated faculty at KTH with a primary focus on research, a person must have a degree at the third-cycle level (normally a PhD or equivalent) in a field that is of importance to the division in question. The person will also have specific expertise in order to contribute knowledge on research applications in contexts outside the academic environment.

In order to be qualified to be appointed to the affiliated faculty at KTH with education as the primary focus, the candidate must have a third-cycle degree or other skills that are relevant to the field in question. The candidate should also have appropriate teaching skills. An interest and capacity to connect undergraduate subjects with practical exercises is particularly important. A higher education teaching qualification is not a formal requirement to join the affiliated faculty.

How the appointment process works?

  • An affiliated person is attached to one of KTH’s schools. The decision is made by the President based on a proposal from the dean, head of school and the person´s principal employer. The proposal is to include a content description and an outline of the anticipated benefits for KTH and the person’s employer.
  • Normally the affiliated faculty member will spend up to 50 percent of his/her working hours at KTH and is appointed for one to three years with an option to extend. The affiliation is evaluated after the first year.
  • An affiliation agreement covering content, scope, timeframe and financing information should be drawn up so that the affiliated faculty member has the opportunity to use the affiliated position in the appointment procedure for adjunct professor status.